Nov 262016
Florence Henderson Died

Legendary actress and beloved TV mom, Florence Henderson. Photo courtesy of

Florence Henderson, the beloved mom in 1969 television series “The Brady Bunch” has died at 82. She was a successful actress, singer, author, television personality and talk show host.

Henderson was the youngest of ten children. She was married twice and had four children.

The news of her passing surprised her friends and fans. In spite of advancing age, Henderson was in high demand and active. She impressed us in 2010 with her participation in Dancing with the Stars. Just on September 19th, on her Facebook page, she applauded her TV daughter Marsha (Maureen McCormick) from “The Brady Bunch” who was competing on Dancing With The Stars as well.

She was known for having a big heart. In the end, her caring heart suffered a failure that caused her death. Florence Henderson died surrounded by family and friends. She was not only multi-talented but loved worldwide. Henderson will be remembered as the symbol of a good, wise and understanding mother many wish they had.



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