Jun 052017

Ariana Grande Stands With Her Fans In Manchester

Ariana Grande’s benefit concert “One Love Manchester” took place in Manchester the day following terrorist attack on the London Bridge and Borough Market. Neither the artists nor their fans gave in to terrorism fears.

Grande was joined by pop’s greatest stars: Justin Bieber, Miley Cyrus, Coldplay, Katy Perry, Usher, Take That, Pharrell Williams and Niall Horan. 50,000 fans attended the “One Love Manchester” benefit concert which was also streamed live.

The goal of the concert was to raise money for “We Love Manchester Emergency Fund” created by the Manchester City Council and the British Red Cross in support of victims and survivors of the May 22nd terrorist bombing. According to reports, the concert raised over 3 million dollars! The money will help those affected by the terrorist attack in Manchester cope with the aftermath of the tragedy.

Anyone who wasn’t Ariana Grande’s fan before surely is now! In spite of the tragedy at the Manchester Arena in Manchester, England, that killed and maimed many and without a doubt traumatized all: the concert-goers and Grande with her crew, Ariana rose to the occasion and proven what she’s made of.
She didn’t seek refuge by retreating but – in record time! – organized a benefit concert to help those immediately affected. She visited the injured in Manchester’s hospitals. She stood through fear with her fans.

At 23 years old Ariana Grande demonstrated courage, compassion and generosity of spirit, remarkable at any age. Ariana Grande represent America at its best.

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