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As it stands, allergies (leave alone, food sensitivities) are difficult to diagnose and treat. Allergy testing often requires a referral, there is extra cost, pain and the results aren’t always reliable.

Now, the European firm Affordable Allergy Group brings relief to U.S. consumers with a painless and reliable hair sample allergy test on-demand! No more needles, no tedious wait, no exorbitant cost. The process is simple and easy.

EPA recommended hair analysis as THE BEST way to identify environmental toxins in the body back in the 1970’s. Yet, U.S. labs didn’t pursue the technology. Why? There is scarcely any profit to be made: not by doctors and certainly not by the Big Pharma. Informed consumers would have gotten themselves tested for nutritional deficiencies, allergies, food sensitivities, etc. and “healed” themselves by adjusting their lifestyle. The Affordable Allergy Testing (a hair sample allergy test on-demand) represents a milestone in patient empowerment!

How does the hair sample allergy test work?

You get to choose the type of test you need (i.e. Food Intolerances, Environmental Allergies, Vitamin Nutrient Deficiencies and more) and place your order. After you make payment, you’ll receive a submission form by email. Then you’ll mail the completed form along with your hair sample (only 5 hairs are needed!) in a zip-lock bag to the lab. In 10-14 days you’ll receive results of your hair sample allergy test, in plain English, by email!

Results of the Affordable Allergy Testing are comprehensive and help identify many more allergy triggers than either the blood allergy test or the skin allergy test currently used in the United States.

As a matter of fact, the hair sample allergy test analyses the impact of 600 items including food products, by-products such as lactose, gluten etc., nonfood items, pollen and dust mites etc. on your health!

The Affordable Allergy Group’s lab is based in Europe. It has been around for over 10 years. It has top of the line equipment. It has completed over 250,000 tests worldwide and currently processes more than 400 tests a day.

And here comes the kicker: the organization has been founded and is run – not by a medical professional! – but by a frustrated… PATIENT, Ms. Lisa Blaurock: yes, she is the President of Affordable Allergy Testing!

The tests are currently available 24/7 Online! Better yet, Ms. Blaurock will be in Los Angeles in person to meet and greet us as well as to answer questions during the LA Fit Expo (booth 553) at the L.A. Convention Center on January 6th and 7th! (The hair sample allergy tests will be available for purchase, too.)

Affordable Allergy Testing
January 6th and 7th: LA Fit Expo (booth 553) at the L.A. Convention Center