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Of course, some of the staples of the original Cultural Events in Los Angeles will stay in place and you can count on us to continue featuring



2011-2012 Ahmanson Theatre Season


We Will Rock You

2013-2014 Ahmanson Theatre Season features - among other plays) Queen and Ben Elton’s “We Will Rock You” (Photo by Hardy Maller) Read more.


2012 Season at The Mark Taper Forum

2013 Season at The Mark Taper Forum

2011-2012 Falcon Theatre Season

2012-2013 Kirk Douglas Theatre Season

as well as US Celebrity Blog.


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2012-2013 Kirk Douglas Theatre Season


Ex Governor's of California (Mr. Arnold Schwarzenegger's) Office wrote to Cultural Events in Los Angeles:


"The Governor values your commitment to working for a better California."









Cultural Events in Los Angeles' Editor has asked a number of renown artists "Should there be a Website focused on CULTURE in L.A.?" These are some of the answers:


"Absolutely, at least one! There is plenty of culture here to write about."

Ed Asner


"I think so: yes! The Entertainment Capital of the World deserves it."

Dick Van Patten


"Los Angeles has such an impact on culture it should have a magazine devoted to culture! The motion picture industry and television industry thus far, through their public relations departments, have failed to join forces with other arts. As far as culture is concerned, if we don’t re-establish the importance of culture in this country we won’t deserve to be as prosperous as we are and hold a leadership position in the world."

Carol Channing


"My instinct says that there shouldn’t be JUST ONE (Website dedicated exclusively to culture). I think there certainly should be more than one because that is a very good topic and it’s something that the public is interested in. But there certainly should be AT LEAST ONE!

Dorian Harewood


"Oh sure, absolutely. There is plenty of culture here in Los Angeles, you just got to go look for it. Culture was always important and is even more important now."

Steve Kanaly




City of Los Angeles

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